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Collin County Ear Nose and Throat aims to offer the full spectrum of otolaryngic treatment for pediatric patients.

All physicians within the practice are board-certified in pediatric otolaryngology. Approximately 60% of our practice consists of pediatric patients. We are trained in cutting-edge techniques for myringotomy tube placement and tonsillectomy.

All 4 physicians have extensive experience in managing airway problems, Eustachian tube dysfunction (frequent ear infections), pediatric allergy, frequent streptococcal tonsillitis, adenoid and tonsil enlargement and sleep-disordered breathing. We also frequently evaluate and treat pediatric neck masses. We treat a wide range of ages from premature infants in the Neonatal ICU to adolescents and young adults, providing consulting services at 4 hospitals.

Additionally, Collin County Ear Nose and Throat has been the official consulting ENT practice to the Plano Independent School District for over 30 years, and recently has established the same relationship with the Frisco Independent School District as well. We provide a monthly, free-of-charge hearing and speech clinic to aid the respective districts’ disability services as they handle children with hearing loss, speech delay, and vocal nodules.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an evaluation.