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What Doctor Is Best for Sinus Problems?

written by Becki Andrus
What Doctor Is Best for Sinus Problems?

Are you living with unexplained congestion that seems to never go away? Then it might be time to seek services from a sinus specialist. Not only is it uncomfortable to have facial pressure and difficulty breathing through your nose, but these symptoms could be a sign of underlying problems that need to be treated.

At Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat, we offer full-service solutions for sinus treatments, congestion, and more. Whether you have an acute sinus infection or ongoing symptoms that last for months, we will help you get to the root of the problem so you can feel better as soon as possible.

What Is a Sinus Specialist?

While a general doctor can help with many health issues, their knowledge and experience are limited when it comes to specific medical conditions. If you have serious sinus problems, then the best solution is to reach out to a trained ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor who specializes in sinus issues specifically.

In addition to completing the requirements to become an ENT, these specialists have advanced training and subspeciality fellowships focusing on the sinuses specifically. As a result, they are ready and available to treat a variety of sinus and nasal problems using medication, surgery, and more.

The benefit of visiting a sinus specialist is that they have better diagnostic methods and additional treatments you can’t access through your primary care physician or a general ENT.

How to Know If You Need to See a Sinus Specialist

How do you know when it’s time to schedule a consultation with a sinus specialist? There are several categories that indicate that you need a specialist instead of a general doctor.

  • Symptoms Aren’t Going Away: Consider the length of time these symptoms have been affecting you. If you have congestion on a regular basis and find it challenging to breathe through your nose, and these symptoms last longer than three months, then it could be an indication of chronic sinusitis.
  • Repeated Sinus Infections: Another sign that you could benefit from visiting with a sinus specialist is that you have sinus infections repeating throughout the year. Even though there are moments when you can breathe normally, the symptoms pop up and you are battling a sinus infection at least 3 times per year.
  • Other Treatments Aren’t Working: How many other sinus treatments have you tried without success? If you have used different medications and treatments and the symptoms keep coming back, then you need to try something else. Most patients have tried over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as nasal sprays and/or multiple rounds of antibiotics.
  • Sinus Complications: Pay attention to other health issues and symptoms that could be corresponding with your sinus issues. For example, a sinus specialist can be a great resource if you have any issues that are contributing to the frequency of your sinus congestion: recurring nasal polyps, sarcoidosis, or cystic fibrosis.
  • Surgery Wasn’t Successful: Are you facing sinus surgery for a second time? If you’ve already had surgery and the symptoms haven’t cleared up, then it’s time to see a specialist for a second opinion and evaluation.

One reason you may choose to see a sinus specialist is because you’ve talked to other doctors and general ENTs, and now you want to hear the opinion from an expert. A sinus specialist may be able to offer other recommendations or treatment options to help you find relief from your symptoms.

Will a Sinus Specialist Recommend Surgery?

Are most sinus specialists also surgeons? In many cases, yes: they have specialized training to perform procedures that can eliminate or improve common sinus issues.

But just because the doctor can perform sinus surgery doesn’t necessarily mean that surgery will be your recommended treatment. In fact, most specialty doctors prefer minimally-invasive treatments first to see if it’s possible to eliminate the problems without surgical treatment.

Then, if the other treatments aren’t successful, it might be necessary to schedule sinus surgery.

What You Need to Know About Sinus Surgery

The good news is that many sinus surgeries are performed endoscopically, which means that you can avoid having an external incision on your face. Sinus specialists insert modern equipment through the nostrils, helping to reduce your recovery time post-surgery.

It’s essential that you are working with an experienced doctor because of the level of precision required for these surgeries. The sinuses are close to the brain, eyes, and other important nerves located in the head. Since the sinus surgeon is working in a small area, they need to be very precise in their movements and work.

The sinus surgery will be catered to your unique needs specifically. There are different types of surgeries that can be performed, including correcting a deviated septum, removing nasal polyps or tumors, or opening the sinuses and drainage pathways.

An ENT Specialist Is Best for Sinus Problems

While a general physician can write a prescription to give you an antibiotic for a sinus infection, sometimes these medications aren’t enough to clear up the symptoms. You might visit a primary care physician several times for the same issue, then they will refer you to a specialist because the sinus issues are beyond their expertise and knowledge.

Instead of the back-and-forth with a primary care physician, why not go to a sinus specialist in the first place? An ENT who specializes in sinus conditions can be a great resource to help you get to the root of the problem. Then, you can implement a treatment plan to find relief now and in the future.

It’s worth the time and effort to visit with a sinus specialist. Instead of struggling through these symptoms every day, you will be glad to clear your sinuses and feel as good as new.

Even if a sinus specialist isn’t able to cure your condition, they can provide treatment recommendations that help to alleviate the symptoms so you can feel better in your everyday life.

Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat: Specialists You Can Trust

Are you ready to visit with a sinus specialist? Then our team at Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat is here to help. We invite you to reach out at your convenience to learn more about available services. Our office staff will schedule an appointment so you can have a consultation with a sinus specialist.

We offer ENT services for patients in the Collin County and Dallas areas. Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat has offices nearby in both Frisco and Plano, TX. Fill out our online form when you are ready to request an appointment or call: (972) 596-4005.

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