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written by Becki Andrus

Every parent can relate: when your child has a health concern, then you are anxious to find a treatment as soon as possible. Whether it’s an earache or a serious injury, partnering with an experienced doctor is an essential step to helping your child recover their health.

Pediatric treatments are different from the medical treatments used for adults. You want optimal treatment for your child, so it makes sense to find a specialist who focuses on services for children.

Our team at Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat is here to help with comprehensive treatments for children – including infants, teenagers, and all ages in between.

How to Tell: When You Need to Visit a Children’s ENT

Your child often won’t be able to communicate their health concerns, which means you need to watch for symptoms that they need to see an ENT. Here are a few indications that you should book an appointment with a pediatric ENT:

  • Snoring: Occasional snoring is expected when a child has a head cold. But if you notice that your child often snores – and it’s a loud snore – then talk to an ENT to rule out conditions such as allergies or sleep apnea.
  • Nosebleeds: It’s normal to have sporadic nosebleeds after trauma to the nose. Persistent nosebleeds are concerning, though, and could indicate that you need to talk to an ear, nose, and throat doctor.
  • Hearing Loss: Good hearing is critical to learning and education, so don’t delay a hearing test if you suspect the child’s ears are affected. An ENT can offer professional recommendations for hearing treatments if hearing loss is occurring.
  • Chronic Illness: Children shouldn’t always suffer from congestion, ear infections, and other upper-respiratory infections. Talk to an ENT for an acute infection, as well as chronic ear infections or illnesses.

If the child is old enough, ask about their symptoms to see if there are any health concerns you can address. Infant children might be fussy or have identifiable symptoms, giving you the cue that you need to book an appointment

Treatments from a Pediatric ENT

One of the benefits of visiting a pediatric ENT is that you can access a range of treatments at one location. Our doctors can assist with many conditions children might experience, such as:

Any condition affecting the ears, nose, and throat area can be addressed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Please call our office to schedule an appointment so you can talk to an experienced children’s ENT.

Not only does our team offer ENT treatments for children. We are also proactive about helping your child feel comfortable and at ease during the appointment. The proper conversation and activities during the meeting will make it a pleasant experience for the child and parents alike.

A children’s ENT can treat infants from the moment they are born, through childhood – until they are 18 years old.

Ear Infection Services from an ENT

The most common reason parents bring their children to a doctor is because of ear infections. Occasional treatments for isolated cases are expected, and general medical care is usually sufficient.

Pay attention to the frequency and severity of your child’s ear infections to determine when you need to talk to an ENT. Your child might need to see a specialist if any of these circumstances are occurring:

  • Frequent infections (4+ each year)
  • Speech delay and chronic ear infections
  • Chronic fluid and wax buildup in the ears
  • Eardrum rupture
  • Multiple antibiotics are required to clear an infection

Not only can an ENT address the immediate infection and symptoms, but a treatment plan can be designed to prevent these issues in the future. For example, sometimes it’s recommended to place ear tubes to prevent blockages that cause ear infections. This standard treatment can prevent ear infections in the future, helping to avoid the need for antibiotics.

Quality Care from a Pediatric ENT

When you choose Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat, you can have confidence knowing that your child is in good hands. Our team works with families to find the most effective solutions, always focusing on minimally-invasive treatments whenever possible.

Many ear, nose, and throat conditions can be successfully treated with non-invasive therapies, such as medication. We also offer cutting-edge procedures when additional services are required. Our goal is to make sure your child is healthy and happy at all times.

If you’d like to learn more about our family-centered care, then reach out to the team at Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat. We serve children throughout the Collin County and Dallas areas, with convenient offices located in Plano and Frisco, TX. You can schedule an exam using our online appointment request form or call the office at (972) 596-4005.

Our clients' stories

We find our patients’ experiences the most rewarding part of the job. Without them, we wouldn’t be one of the longest standing ENT practices in the area!

“We consulted Dr Tseng based on our pediatrician's recommendation. He's so great a doctor who took time to explain us everything and genuinely guided us in the right direction. He's such a caring, genuine and knowledgeable doctor. Oh how I wish there were more like him! ”

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“I have used Collin Co. ENT and Dr. Kenny Carter for over 3 years, primarily for ear problems. The staff has been consistently helpful and friendly to me. When I have had problems needing immediate attention and explained the need, have been able to get an appointment within a reasonable time to address the problem. I recommend Dr. Carter and his staff.”

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“Dr. Matheny performed 2 surgeries on my wife, both were successful with great results. He is not only a great surgeon, but a great person. It was a pleasure working with him. One of the best doctors we have ever seen in our lives.”

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