In-Office CT Scanner

At Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat, we are proud to offer a comprehensive clinic where you can access a full range of services and treatments in one location. One of the tools that is often used is our in-office CT scanner, which uses computed tomography to provide detailed imaging.

Using the CT scanner, our team can obtain three-dimensional x-ray images to see a detailed picture of your condition. Images can be captured to show a clear view of the anatomy of your sinuses, ears, nose, and throat.

This information is essential for an accurate diagnosis. Then, a personalized care plan is designed based on the optimal services to treat the condition.

Benefits of an In-Office CT Scanner

Having this equipment available in our office means that we have access to immediate digital imaging, without the need to refer our patients for imaging at another location. These high definition images are comparable in quality to those obtained in a hospital setting. As such, we offer our patients hospital-quality care in the comfort of a small, personalized office. This experience is designed to be safe, comfortable, and convenient.

In the past, ENT specialists had to send patients to imaging centers or hospitals if ear or sinus scans were needed. These images were taken in the full-body CT scanners, even though only a small area needed to be scanned. Now, you can save both time and money by skipping the hassle of a hospital visit.

Another benefit of our in-office scanner is that the high-resolution images can be obtained with lower doses of radiation compared to the full-body scanners used in a hospital. The equipment targets only the sinuses, skull base, and temporal bones, which requires much less radiation.

Additionally, the equipment is designed for you to sit upright. Unlike the claustrophobic design of full-body scanners, you can relax in a comfortable chair while the images are obtained.

What to Expect During Your CT Scan?

If digital imaging is recommended, then you will be invited to sit comfortably in our in-office CT scanner. With the push of a button, the scanning function will be activated. You will need to sit still while the scanner moves in rotation around your head.

It’s fast and easy to obtain the digital images that are needed for diagnosis. The full scan only takes about 20 – 30 seconds, and you won’t feel a thing while the images are being captured. Within a few seconds, these high-resolution images will be available for viewing on the computer. The doctor will use these images in the diagnosis and treatment planning.

Do You Need a CT Scan?

CT scanning is only necessary on an as-needed basis, as determined by the doctor. During your exam, the doctor will discuss your medical history and complete a thorough evaluation of your health. This exam is designed to identify any signs of disease, as well as examine symptoms and other pertinent information.

If it’s determined that a CT scan is necessary for accurate diagnosis, then these scans can be completed during the same visit. CT scans can also be beneficial in formatting an optimal surgical plan. Since these imaging results are immediate, you can get a diagnosis during the same office visit.

State-of-the-Art ENT Services

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