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written by Becki Andrus

When your child is in pain or experiencing any type of health concern, you’d do anything to help them find relief. As a parent, it brings peace of mind to know that you have a team of medical professionals who can assist when your child needs diagnosis or treatment.

Not only do you need a primary care physician, but it’s also wise to have an ENT for children. If an earache, allergies, sore throat, or other upper respiratory concerns arise, then the ENT team can assist right away.

Why Specialized ENT Care for Children?

The truth is that complications relating to the ears, nose, and throat are among the most common causes for pediatric medical visits each year. It’s estimated that around 30 million appointments with pediatricians are because of ear infections alone.

In the earliest years of life, the sinus drainage system is still in development. If these parts of the body aren’t fully developed yet, it increases the likelihood of infections occurring because bacteria can breed in the ears and sinuses.

General physicians are equipped to help with primary health concerns, such as an occasional earache. But if the symptoms continue or worsen, then it might be time to talk to a specialist.

Children’s ENT: Minor Health Issues and Complex Medical Treatment

At Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat, our pediatric ENT office provides full-service solutions to care for your child’s needs. Whether you are looking for an immediate solution to clear up an earache or you want to talk to a doctor about long-term solutions for chronic conditions, we are here to assist.

A children’s ENT offers specialized skills and services not available from a general physician. Our comprehensive care approach focuses on each patient’s unique needs, keeping your preferences and individual medical goals in mind.

Since 1975, we’ve been serving the community, providing extensive experience covering both general medical care and surgical treatments as required.

Specialized Ear, Nose, & Throat Services from a Pediatric ENT?

How do you know when it’s time to book an appointment with a pediatric ENT? An experienced ENT can assist with any conditions related to these topics:

  • Airway and breathing
  • Swallowing and feeding
  • Speech and voice
  • Skull and face
  • Sinuses and nose
  • Sleep
  • Neck
  • Head

We use a multidisciplinary approach, working with your child’s other medical providers to ensure quality care overall. You have the option to meet with a primary care provider first, who might refer you to a specialist. Or, schedule an appointment with an ENT directly if you know that specialized diagnostics and treatments are required.

A pediatric ENT can help with a range of medical services for diagnosis and treatment, such as:

  • Evaluation of the child’s medical history
  • Family education for preventing disease
  • Examination of the head, neck, ear, nose, and throat
  • Speech and hearing screenings
  • Reading imaging and laboratory testing
  • Prescribing medications as needed
  • Diagnosis of chronic and acute diseases
  • Treatments for medical conditions
  • Surgical procedures on the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck

Signs Your Child Should Visit with an ENT

Some of the ear, nose, and throat issues children experience are similar to health concerns in adults. But the difference is that your child might not understand how to communicate their pain or discomfort to you. If there is a sinus issue or ear infection, parents might notice other symptoms that indicate the need for medical care.

Watch for these signs in your child:

  • Constant runny nose
  • Speech difficulties
  • Pain in the ears, nose, and throat
  • Frequent nose bleeds (not related to injury)
  • Dizziness
  • Allergies
  • Snoring
  • Hoarseness
  • Clearing throat frequently
  • Tugging on the ears
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Ear drainage
  • Hearing loss (progressive or sudden)
  • Recurring ear infections
  • Growths or lumps in the mouth or neck
  • Congestion blocking airflow in one or both sides of the nose
  • Tonsillitis

Seemingly minor symptoms could be an indication of underlying health concerns. Your child might not be able to answer medical questions or communicate their concerns. Additionally, it can be difficult for a child to be cooperative and relaxed during the appointment.

Our team offers a non-threatening environment with toys and other comforting items that will make it a positive experience for your child.

We are proactive about looking at the bigger picture to identify issues that could be affecting your child’s health. Rest assured knowing that your family has access to a wide range of medical treatments, including top-notch equipment and highly skilled doctors at Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat.

What to Expect at an ENT Appointment

An ENT for children works with a range of ages, between infant and teenager. In addition to providing a comfortable environment to help your child feel relaxed, we are proactive about specialized care. Focusing on the unique needs of each child ensures immediate and long-term results.

Rest assured, knowing that our approach extends beyond the basic identification and treatment of symptoms and health conditions. We use diagnostic equipment to determine the underlying cause of the child’s pain and discomfort.

Whenever possible, minimally invasive services are the first line of treatment. Other more in-depth treatments and surgical procedures are also available on an as-needed basis.

During this appointment, your doctor will complete a physical examination to identify any signs or issues that we should address. Additionally, questions and an in-depth medical history are helpful for the ENT to form a big-picture assessment. Sometimes, diagnostic tests are required, such as a CT scan, x-rays, or allergy testing.

Education and Training for Pediatric ENTs

ENTs are medical doctors with specific training and experience relating to health conditions affecting the ears, nose, and throat. These doctors must meet specific requirements before practicing medicine, such as:

  • A minimum of 4 years of medical school
  • A year of training in a surgical internship
  • A year in general surgery training
  • 5 years of residency
  • Passing score on a certification exam

Additionally, many pediatric otolaryngologists have extra training through fellowship programs in pediatric medical centers. The unique nature of caring for children comes through this advanced training and focused experience in internships and fellowships.

Services from Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat

Is it time for your child to see a specialist? Then we invite you to schedule an appointment with our team right away. Our hands-on approach gives you access to a group of experts when you need support to care for your child’s medical needs.

Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat is one of the leading providers of pediatric ENT care, serving families in the Dallas and Collin County areas. We provide offices nearby, in Frisco and Plano, TX. For more information, you can use our online form to request an appointment or call: (972) 596-4005.

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We find our patients’ experiences the most rewarding part of the job. Without them, we wouldn’t be one of the longest standing ENT practices in the area!

“We consulted Dr Tseng based on our pediatrician's recommendation. He's so great a doctor who took time to explain us everything and genuinely guided us in the right direction. He's such a caring, genuine and knowledgeable doctor. Oh how I wish there were more like him! ”

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“I have used Collin Co. ENT and Dr. Kenny Carter for over 3 years, primarily for ear problems. The staff has been consistently helpful and friendly to me. When I have had problems needing immediate attention and explained the need, have been able to get an appointment within a reasonable time to address the problem. I recommend Dr. Carter and his staff.”

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“Dr. Matheny performed 2 surgeries on my wife, both were successful with great results. He is not only a great surgeon, but a great person. It was a pleasure working with him. One of the best doctors we have ever seen in our lives.”

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