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Hearing & Balance Prosper

Hearing & Balance Prosper

Have you noticed that restaurants, in Prosper, or the place you work has become very noisy?  Have voices become mumbled and your asking others to repeat themselves more often?  Are you having trouble hearing? Did you know, hearing loss is a slow progression and can creep up on us over time making it easy to miss. It is very common to have some level of hearing loss as we grow older.  Therefore, do not worry, you’re not alone! We have a full office of physicians to serve the Prosper area.

Recent statistics have shown over 10% of the U.S. population has reported difficulty hearing. That means out of the approximately 310 million Americans, 31 million have difficulty hearing.  As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, that number is guaranteed to increase dramatically.  However, a wider level of hearing loss, which includes the minor levels, is approximately 48 million Americans of all ages. The largest age group affected are the Baby Boomers for which one in six have been affected. Aging is the most often reason for hearing loss followed by noise exposure, diabetes, or other factors.

The good news is most hearing loss is considered mild and treatable. Why put yourself through it and miss important memories when treatment is simple?  Hearing adds spice to the background of life.  Collin County ENT, after diagnosis, can place you on the right hearing treatment plan and, if needed, a hearing aid, with volume control. The immediate benefit will be the reduction in asking people to repeat themselves. Now you will not be sharing your phone calls and tv shows with your neighbors down the street and you will instantly become more involved to the added joy of daily activities.  Life will be full again.

Sometimes ear problems can be more involved because the inner ear is responsible for balance. Balance issues or dizziness are difficult symptoms to contend with. People who have balance problems often feel dizzy or unsteady (regardless of whether they are standing, lying down or sitting), due to problems within the inner ear.  First a diagnosis of the disorder is needed, but is difficult and requires the services of a trained audiologist.  Collin County ENT has audiologists available for Prosper patients. The causes of balance issues are plentiful and can be the result of medical conditions and medications. To assist in the evaluation of a balance problem, your audiologist may suggest the following balance testing protocols:

  • General Tests – These balance tests measure the cause and extent of the balance problem depending on your symptoms and health status.
  • A Hearing Test – The balance system is part of the ear, so it is important to test both systems thoroughly due to balance problems.
  • Electronystagmography (ENG) – This balance test measures eye movements and the muscles that control them, or imaging studies of your head and brain.
  • Posturography – This balance test measures how your body moves in response to movement of a platform, a patterned screen or both.

Balance testing by a qualified Prosper audiologist will provide a good idea of what is wrong and if we can fix your balance disorder or dizziness problems.

From hearing loss to balance issues, Collin County ENT is here to help you get back to the life you deserve.  Call us today at (972)596-4005 to schedule an appointment.

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