COVID-19: A Message to Our Patients

COVID 19: A Message to Our Patients 

With the recent positive cases of Corona virus in the US, but only a handful of cases of this writing 3/15 in Collin County, we wanted to provide you with some common sense measures for your sake and that of your family/contacts, as well as what we are proactively doing here at Collin County ENT: 

1. If you have a FEVER, stay home. CALL your primary care doctor first and follow their recommendations. If they feel testing is required, they will direct you to the nearest county testing facility. Do not go to the ER unless you feel you are in respiratory distress. 

2. If you have a COUGH with a FEVER, stay home. Again, CALL your primary care doctor for further information. 

3. If you have a COUGH > 2wks and no fever, and no personal recent travel or exposure to someone who has recently travelled or been knowingly exposed to COVID, chances of this being COVID are extremely unlikely, and this symptom would fall under the domain of a symptom we need to see you for, as ENT sees patients with other sources of cough on a daily basis. Keep your appointment. If you have any questions of whether you should come in or not, call us and ask to speak with a medical assistant, 

4. If 1. and 2. DO NOT APPLY TO YOU, keep your appointment. Patients still have medical illnesses that can be managed. Although we routinely wipe down rooms with sterilizing wipes and sterilize instruments used, we are taking additional measures in this environment to more frequently wipe down door handles, chair arms, counter tops, telephones and any other surface for which hands would come in contact. Of course, we advise patients to use hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure from the office routinely. 

5. Use hand sanitizer upon entering the office and upon leaving. Common sense measures include keeping 6 feet of distance between you and others where able, avoidance of touching your face or eyes, sneezing into an elbow, and avoidance of handshakes. Although we live in the South, and a handshake is a common greeting, we’ll suspend that for the time being. Limit personal visits to the elderly and those who are immunocompromised. Conventional surgical masks are not being recommended by the CDC, 

and specialized viral masks are not available to the public. A six foot space between people is recommended, but not always feasible. 

6. Live your life. Be prudent. We Americans can minimize the number of cases with the above measures, and then get back to normal lives. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to treat sick people. We’ll all get through this in the next several months. 

Collin County ENT Physicians 

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